[ Winter 2009 - French Alpes ]

After a long time this winter i could manage to start snowboarding! In the beginning of January i came to France and i tried to make my first turns - 'cause of my private teacher Méla i could progess fast and in February i started to work on the slope... 


The snow under the board was completely new for me and i wasn't used to the coldness as well. But it didn't take long time and i really liked the white mountains and i tried to ride as often as possible! Togehter with Méla I lived in Thonon-les-bains at the Lake of Généva close to Portes-du-Soleil, one of the biggest ski resorts in Europe! In February i could find a job at Roc D'Enfer, a small ski resport half an hour away from our appartment. Working on a mountain was a great new experience for me!


The time passed by fast and we had many good days with a lot of snow - the snow this season was incredible good! I had the first powder sessions in my life and... - yeah, niiiiiiiiice...! At the end of February the surfcombo-team was complete again 'cause Markus decided to spend two weeks of his university-holidays in Thonon - yuhaaaaa!


So we had some more good sessions in good conditions and it didn't stop snowing... awesome! At the end of his holidays Markus was very happy because he could manage  huge backflip with his snowboard in the powder snow! Go big or go home!


In March i finished my work at Roc D'Enfer and also the snowfall was finished for a while. So it was time to relax...


Last but not least i also had a windsurf-session on the lake of Généva! It was a bit cold but the wind was enough for 4.2 and the waves made a nice jump-session possible! Now the winter season is almost finished and it's time again to go windsurfing again - Next weekend i will move to the south of France to work 3 weeks in a windsurf-camp in Port Camargue. Hopefully the wind will be good and some nice sessions are possible! 


Text: Mirco
Fotos: Markus, Mirco, Méla