[ Surfcamp Camargue Eastern 2009 ]

After a really nice winter with a lot of snow it was time to work again on the beach! I was moving to Port Camargue close to Montpellier in South France to work 3 weeks in a surfcamp which was organized by www.surfontour.de...

"Residence Camargue" - Our place to be at Eastern 2009

When i arrived at the hotel in Port Camargue i got to know the team i will work with and it was clear that we will have 3 nice weeks! I was living togehter in an appartment with the two other instructors and i was lucky 'cause Sebastian was working once as chef and so it was sure that we will eat well the upcoming weeks. The camp was already well prepared so that we could start our lessons with some of the guests the second day.

Sebastian is teaching with the simulator, new JP & Pryde Stuff 2009

The weather during the first week was not always the best, but still we had a good atmosphere in the camp also if the wind was not the best as well. But therfore we could teach our beginners very well and the could progress quite fast. For all surfers JP and Neil Pryde was at the place as well and they offered the new equipment 2009 to try. The wind was not enough to try the small wave- or freestyleboards but some of the bigger boards and sails were on the water. Two mornings Malte, who works for JP & Pryde, presented the new stuff with all it's new designs and features.

Fanatic & North to try, some nice wavs "ā la Grande Motte"

When Malte left after the first week, Axel came with the new stuff of Fanatic and North. He also presented the new equipment and when he left after some days he let some stuff at the place so that we had some test-equipment also after his departure. Additionally, Eveline, who organized all the camp together with Christian, had some stuff of Naish with her for the clients to try. After a waiting-period we had 2 good days with wind from the east. That means offshore and quite gusty at Port Camargue - but still everybody had fun! The second day i was surfing at Grand Motte, another spot 20 minutes away from our place. There i could find some nice waves with side-sideonshore wind - niiiiiiiiiiice!

Sangria and sundowner, we also had some stand-up-paddles to try!

The time passed by very fast and in the second week we organized a nice sundowner with free sangria for everybody. The wind dropped again and the weather shew us everything - sun, rain, thunderstorm... so it was never boring - and sometimes we also had enough wind for planning.

Teachin, measuring the wind & some freestyle

The last week we had many students, because we had to teach a whole schoolclass. Almost 40 people took part of our beginner lessons. But they were motivated and we had good conditions for beginner levels so that they learned fast. Also this third week passed by fast and the last saturday i had once again a good wavesession at Grand Motte - yuhaaa! So altogether i had three good weeks with a nice team and nice clients! Thanks to everybody who was there! For more infos about this surfcamp watch at www.surfontour.de! Now i am already in La Mdrague close to Almanarre to work at this place... but that's coming next..


Text: Mirco
Fotos: Christian, Chantal, Mirco