[ Naxos 2008 - 13. June until 8. July ]

Actually the island becomes more crowded and day by day there are more guests and students at our windsurf center. In the last weeks we had some good windsurfsessions, also if the wind is still not the best. And at nightime usually there are good partys in town or at the windsurf center, Ricks birthday for example...

Sailing trip to Paros!

At the moment we are quite busy and there are many students taking windsurf lessons. But before in June it was really quite and so Markus and me had time to take part of a sailing trip with Kuttes´s boat "Christiana" to Paros. The trip was beautiful, also when the wind was very low, so that we had to use the engine most of the time. We had two stops to go swimming - one at a very nice bay on Paros and one just between the islands on the way back. Thanks Kutte!

Some action in the wave behind the reef and in front of beach cafe!

We also had some good windsurfsessions - usually we went out for freestyle action inside the lagoon. Only one day we were lucky and had some good waves behind the reef, so that Markus could land his first frontloops with the right hand in front! Also our teamleader Chris could show some nice waveaction! But freestyle ins fun as well and Markus and me are training flakas now... hard work! We still hope that there will be more wind in the next weeks...

Freestle action!

Nightlife on Naxos is still good and the bars become more crowded now. The Flisvos staff is so big that you always meet somebody in town who likes to drink a beer, or two... Usually we got to the "rocks" and sometimes to "Base" if we like to dance a bit...

Some more action also from customers an the next generation!

One highlight was the Flisvos staff meeting last sunday. Almost everybody was there - all together round about 50 people working at the windsurf center, the hotel or in the beach cafe. It was a really nice evening with good food and a couple of cold beers... Now the staff is completed and prepared for the high saison.

Peter enjoys his beer - the windsurf girlscamp was also on naxos - Wadi at work!

So the last weeks were really nice, also when the wind still could be better. But if there is no wind, we still have fun and enjoy the life in the sun and on the beach!!!


Text: Mirco
Fotos: Markus, Mirco, Rick & Gäste