Naxos 2008 - It was magic ! ]

The surfcombo-team is back from Greece - so this is the final report about Naxos 2008! We definitely had a fantastic summer with very nice people, windsurf-conditions and partys! Naxos rocks!

Freestyle action in our lovely lagoon!

I don't really know how to start writing this report about the season 2008 on Naxos, because there are so many nice things which are worth to write about! We met so many nice people from many different countries, we had incredible partys and last but not least - we had fantastic windsurfing sessions and we could make a big progress especially in freestyle! The lagoon in front of the windsurf center was the perfect place for learning new moves! At the end of the season Markus and me could do some flakas and now we both are able to make moves also with the right hand in front... so altogether we improved a lot!

Waveaction in front of beach cafe!

Additionaly to many good freestyle sessions we had also some good days in the waves! When the wind is strong enough and when it comes more from northwest than north or northeast, there are nice waves behind the lagoon for jumps and sometimes for some waverides as well. At these days Markus learned the frontloop also with the right hand in front - yeah! 

From the left: Costa, the owner of "BASE", some boards at the lagoon-center, Party!

Especially in high season during july and august life was very hard on Naxos - we had a lot of wind, many students and almost every night somewhere in town was a great party you didn't want to miss. During this period sleep was overrated. But because of the sunshine everyday you had to wear sunglasses anyway...

Santorini - beautiful!

In Septembre the first people from the Flisvos-Staff began to leave and at the end of the month you could feel that the highseason is defnitely finished. Markus finished work at the end of septembre and enjoyed almost two weeks of nice holidays on a nice island! During this time we visited togehter the other islands Ios and Santorini - especially Santorini was incredible nice! Just beautiful!

From the left: A part of the lagoona team, Wadi & Peter,  fuckin' nice sailing trip with Kutte!

Finally we both are very happy that we decided to work on Naxos for the Flisvos-Sportclub this summer!!! It was a great time and we want to say thanks to everybody who was also there and spent the summer with us! Cu soon hopefully! Jamas!


Text: Mirco
Fotos: Markus, Mirco & more