[ La Madrague - The Season ]

Like always I had a nice summer - this time in the south of France. Méla and me met some nice people and we were ejoying the sunny and warm weather down here. Only the wind was not the best this year. The mistral was not blowing as often as usual in the bay of Almanarre... but still it was a great time and we had some good sessions on the water! 

La Presqu'ile de Giens - nice place to be!

From April to the middle of June we had not the best wind conditions at the spot. But therefore it was always warm and sunny and we could find some time to visit the region around here which is beautiful. Close to the camping there is a coastline with some small beaches bewteen the rocks, another weekend we've been in St. Tropez to see some pretty boats. From the middle of June on the wind was picking up and we had some good sessions, also when it wasn't easy in the beginning to get used to the choppy conditions. In the end of June my parents came down here to spend their holidays on the camping - like expected they could enjoy the great weather!

Good wind in July - Surf Spirit at Brutal Beach - Summer after work session

In July the wind was unexpected good and quite often I used sails smaller than 4.7 m˛! In the same time it was warm and always sunny - a great month! Vive la France! In August the wind was dropping down and it became pretty hot. For the beginner lessons it was always enough wind, but for everybody who wanted to learn waterstarts or stuff like this the wind was often too less. C'est la vie!

Bike Tour on "Ile Porquerolles" - Annika & Martin go windsurfing - Sightseeing

In September the temperature went down a little bit, but still enough warm to stay outside in boardshorts all day long. We still had enough clients - during this time of the year here are many Swisses coming here for windsurfing and taking lessons. That's also why our team was a bit bigger during this period - we were working together with some Swiss instructors who came each for a couple of weeks. Also my sister Annika and her boyfriend Martin came down here to spend some nice days and to practice some windsurfing. For Martin it was the first time on a windsurfboard and he really enjoyed it - from now on probably he wants to do nothing else! 

Mari Line coming back after her session - The south - Sweet Home Mobil Home

In October Mélanie and me had some guests from Norderney at our place - welcome Stewi and Kaddy! When they've been here there was a Surf-Festival close to our camping where it was possible to test equipment of the different brands. It was a pity that there was no wind during this week - bad luck! Just right after the festival was finished the wind picked up for some days...

Bay of Almanarre - Méla goes surfing at secret spot - Freestyle at "Le Brusc"

Last week we started to close our center. It's a lot of work to clean and repair all the boards and sails already for the next season. We still have one week work to do before all the stuff is ready for the winter and the season here is completely finished. Hopefully from now on the wind will be great and we will still have some good sessions this year. Today was a great start - we had enough wind for 4.0 and unexpected good waves at our spot! It was a great session!

Finally I want to say thanks to everybody who spend this season here with us and who had also a great time! Cu on the water! Stay tuned and see what's oming next at www.surfcombo.de...


Text: Mirco
Fotos: Mirco, Méla, Annika, Nathalie