[ New Place - Frontignan Plage ]

Together with my girlfriend Mélanie I could find the place to start our own business - it will be located in the south of France pretty close to Montpellier! The target will be to create our own windsurfing school... details coming soon!

A great spot to try some new moves - Lakes and the sea offer different spots - Also good for speedsurfers 

After finishing our season in La Madrague we moved to Frontignan Plage close to the city of Montpellier to check out this place - the idea to build our own windsurfing business was already in our heads. We spent a couple of weeks there to see how the conditions are - Mélanie knew already some good places, because she studied in Montpellier not so long ago. Finally we decided that this region will be our place to be and we rent an appartment in Frontignan Plage! At the moment we plan how we will organise our business in detail.   

Frontignan Plage - Small break on the parking - The port of Frontignan Plage

In this report you find already some photos we took in Frontignan Plage. Unfortunately they're not that good, but we will offer better ones soon!

Finally the surfcombo-team as well as Mélanie wish you a happy and windy new year 2010! Cu on the water!

Flatwater spot "Les Aresquiers" - Pose on the beach - Wavespots close to Frontignan Plage

Text: Mirco
Fotos: Mirco, Méla