[ Winter 2010 - Frontignan Plage ]

Since january I live in Frontignan-Plage in southfrance. In the beginning it was pretty cold here - almost too cold to go windsurfing. But now it's getting warmer and you don't have to wear gloves any more. Today I had again a good freestyle-session with 4.7 at my homespot!

Flaka - The spot - Clew first airjibe

After a great new-years-party in Norderney I started this year with some snowboard-action in the french alpes. After some great days Mélanie and me were driving to Frontignan-Plage to move into our new appartment in the south. The first weeks it was very cold and we had some sessions at our new homespot with gloves and hood. Our new homespot is the "L'Etang d'Ingril" in Frontignan-Plage close to our appartment - the place where we want to build up our own windsurfing-school the upcoming summer! More infos concerning this project are coming soon - you also have to look at  www.tramontana-windsurf.com

My terrase - Short wave session in Cap d'Agde close to Frontignan - Lakes and the sea in Frontignan

The spot is great for beginners as well as for freestyler and speedsurfer! The photos of the first sessions this year give you a small impression of Frontignan-Plage. Next week Christian is coming to visit me - we're looking forward to some more good sessions! Fortunately he has a new camera - so stay tuned for more photos the next weeks! You also have to check the pics of the day at www.stehsegelrevue.com - Search for Frontignan.

Snowboarding in Avoriaz / Portes du soleil / French alpes

Text: Mirco
Fotos: Mirco, Méla